Eloquently Crafted Mobile Apps

Many people believe mobile development means simply creating an app. In reality, it’s about creating a great user experience within a limited amount of space. SleepySquid will make your ideas a reality by creating seamless applications, which allows for amazing consumer experiences.

  • ­Design mobile apps that keep your audience engaged
  • ­Modern and effective designs

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Our Mobile App Development Process

Our comprehensive development process ensures a perfectly crafted mobile app for your business.


The first part of our process is to fully understand your company and your end goal. We want to understand what your business goals are, so that we can create the most effective site to help you achieve those goals.  Consultation is a crucial part in ensuring that all of your expectations and goals can be achieved.


At this point of the process, we will create mockups and a simple visual prototype of the mobile app ensuring all aspects of the design are accounted for. Brainstorming is important to ensure that both the client and the developers are on the same page.


Here we will take all of the information we’ve gathered from the previous steps, and start putting all of the pieces together. We use the most suitable technology for the job to ensure the final product is of high quality.


When all of the development has been completed, SleepySquid will spend some time testing the application to ensure that every aspect functions as expected. This step occurs before we deliver the final product to the client.